Unwind With Cloud 10 Herbal Incense

Cloud 10 herbal incense is a smooth and impressive herbal incense. A pure blend of organic herbal botanicals and other such natural extracts make this incense a truly delightful experience. The aromatic cornucopia fills the environment with its peaceful fragrance and produces a sense of euphoria. Some of the Cloud 10 herbal incense products act as natural sex enhancers, adding flavor and excitement to your romantic life.

Cloud 10 Herbal Incense: Ingredients

Cloud 10 herbal incense is a proprietary blend of the following herbs:

* Lions Tail

* Damiana

* Blue Lotus

* Spearmint leaves

* Pink Lotus

* Red Clover organic herb

* Indian warrior

* Marshmallow

All Cloud 10 incense products are 100 percent free of acetone, nicotine and tobacco.

Cloud 10 Herbal Incense: Types

Here are some of the popular Cloud 10 herbal products:

* Cloud 10 1gram: The Original: This Cloud 10 product works great after a hard day at work, by creating a relaxing mood. It is specifically designed to provide the right amount of stress busting effect and not be too overpowering.

* Cloud 10 Freedom Herbal Incense 1 gram: This version from the Cloud 10 range of products comprises of a special blend of natural herbs, which provide a colorful combination that helps to relax your body, giving you just what you need to lift up your mood. Relaxing the body, Freedom provides a soothing escape after a hard day’s work. It is available in black poly urethane resealable bags, which keep its aroma intact.

* Cloud 10 Ultra Herbal Incense 4 gram: The Cloud 10 Ultra is one of the most potent herbal blends available in the market today, according to toxicology reports. The Cloud 10 Ultra packs a punch and is quite effective in creating an extremely relaxing atmosphere and bringing about a delightful mellow mood. The Cloud 10 Ultra is many times more powerful than the other regular Cloud 10 products, so it should not be used by novice herbal incense users. It is available in multiple fragrances, such as pineapple and blueberry.

* Cloud 10 Storm Aromatics Potpourri 4 gram: The Cloud 10 Storm is a herbal potpourri blend consisting of the same natural high quality herbs as the ones in the other Cloud 10 range of products, but it does not contain JWH-073, JWH-018 or any of the other substances that are banned in the US. The Cloud 10 Storm has been DEA certified and lab tested for the use banned synthetics mentioned in many of the US laws.